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How To Change Baby Diapers


As the child continues to grow, the number of baby diaper changes will gradually decrease, starting with an average of ten times a day, and gradually reducing to six times. Change of diapers is usually done before or after each breastfeeding and after each bowel movement. There is also a change of diapers for the child when he/she is still awake before going to bed. You should also change your diapers before you take your children out.

When changing diapers, you should have a clean diaper on hand!

Diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly

A soft towel and a small basin of warm water!

Be sure to prepare everything before you start, and never leave your baby alone on the changing table!

Remove the wet baby diapers first. If it’s just wet, just change one instead of cleaning the genital area. If the diaper is still stained with stool, the child’s buttocks should be cleaned with a towel and warm water. There is no need to use soap, unless the child has diarrhea and it will not be cleaned by washing with water only. When necessary, use soft soap (even soft soap will remove important natural oils on the child's skin). Apply ointment or petroleum jelly and put on clean diapers.

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