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The Difference Between Adult Nursing Pads And Adult Diapers


Do you know the difference between adult nursing pads or adult diapers?

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the demand for adult nursing pads continues to expand. From women who need to rest in bed, the elderly, women and newborn babies during menstruation, and even long-distance travelers, they all use adult nursing pads.

What is an adult nursing pad

One, understand what an adult nursing pad is

Adult nursing pad is a kind of adult nursing products. It is made of PE film, non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, polymer and other materials. It is suitable for people after hospital surgery, paralyzed patients and people who cannot take care of themselves. With the acceleration of the pace of life, the demand for adult nursing pads continues to expand. Bed-resting women, the elderly, women during menstruation, and even long-distance travelers all need to use adult nursing pads.

2. How to use adult nursing pads

Adult nursing pads are commonly used sanitary products for incontinence care. The methods of using nursing pads are:

1. Let the patient lie on his side, unfold the nursing pad and fold it inward by about 1/3, and place it on the patient's waist.

2. Let the patient turn over and lie on his side, and flatten the folded side.

3. After laying flat, let the patient lie down and confirm the position of the nursing pad, which not only allows the patient to rest in bed at ease, but also allows the patient to turn over and change sleeping position at will without worrying about side leakage.

The combination of adult nursing pads and adult diapers is more effective

Adult nursing pads can be used with adult diapers. Generally, after putting on adult diapers and lying on the bed, it is necessary to put an adult nursing pad between the person and the bed to prevent the bed linen from being soiled. Whether it is an adult nursing pad or an adult diaper, it must have a large absorption capacity, and the absorption capacity is determined by the absorbent beads and fluff pulp. Take Ai Ziru as an example. Large suction volume is its advantage, because it uses more water-absorbing beads and virgin fluff pulp to ensure greater urine absorption.

Treatment method after use of adult nursing pad

1. Pack and roll the dirty and wet parts of the nursing pad to the inside before processing.

2. If there is stool on the nursing pad, please pour it into the toilet first.

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