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How To Choose Baby Wipes


When buying baby wet wipes, you should choose whiter ones, better without any impurities. If the wet wipes you bought have fluffing when used, it means that the quality is not good enough. Therefore, for the safety of children, you should try a wet wipe first to see how good the quality is.

Try to choose fragrance-free wipes. Good baby wet wipes are often odorless. When buying baby wet wipes for children, if the wet wipes have a strong fragrance, it means there is a problem. It is be st not to use them, because there are too many flavors, which can easily cause children to be allergic to flavors. Parents can take a wet wipe and smell it in advance to see if there is any peculiar smell before deciding whether to buy it.

Check the product manual carefully, choose the products of the regular manufacturers with detailed factory address, service telephone, health standards, corporate standards and relevant health department record numbers, and pay attention to whether there is ISO certification.

The raw material of baby wipes should be spunlace non-woven fabrics (also called non-woven fabrics). The higher the viscose content, the softer and the better the water absorption.

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