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Can Wet Wipes Be Taken On The Plane


We all know that the airport security check is very strict now. Many things like knives, flammable and explosive items cannot be brought on the plane, so can wet tissues be brought on the plane? Generally speaking, wet tissues can be brought on. It’s an airplane, but Mawang recommends not to bring disinfectant wipes, because the composition of the wipes cannot be checked during the security check. Generally, it is more convenient to carry baby wipes! Mentioned here, Mawang will tell you by the way. Let’s talk about whether babies can board the plane, and what should I pay attention to when boarding the plane?

Generally, civil aviation companies stipulate that babies can board the plane as long as they are 14 days old. But taking off and landing are relatively uncomfortable moments for babies, so when choosing a flight, try to choose direct flights to reduce your baby's discomfort. At the same time, in order to reduce your baby's discomfort, you can also let your baby suck a pacifier;

The air in the aircraft cabin is relatively dry. Because the baby is just born, the skin is more sensitive and fragile. At this time, you should apply baby oil to moisturize your skin. And in order to avoid dryness in the nasal cavity causing capillary rupture and nosebleeds, it should also be a little bit of saline in the baby's nasal cavity;

Do not place heavy objects on the top box to avoid falling and hitting the baby. In addition, parents must fasten their own seat belts and hug the baby, otherwise they may crush the baby or accidentally fall to the ground when the flocculation comes during the flight;

During the flight, if the adult feels any discomfort in his body or the baby is abnormal, he should ask the flight attendant in time to see if there is any countermeasure, so as to ensure the safety of the adult and the child!

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